Things to think about with adverse weather on its way

It is always best to have things in place to help minimise any disruption to your business. Some of our tips are

adverse weather

adverse weather considerations

  1. Have an adverse weather policy in place. Implementing a policy gives you an opportunity to show how you will be dealing with major disruptions, in advance of them actually happening, giving managers time to think about how to act when things take a turn for the worse outside. Employees also understand their responsibilities and what they are required to do when the weather is affecting work and can even start to think of alternative ways into work.
  2. It might be that your employment contracts already cover this area, but just double check and make sure both compliment and add value to each other. The last thing you want is to contradict making it difficult to make decisive actions.
  3. How will you deal with absences caused by weather disruption – will you pay for this absence? Remember you are not obliged to pay for this, it can be classed as unpaid leave.
  4. However, consider how this will reflect upon your culture and attitude towards staff, is this the best approach to take? Are there practices in place which make it possible for staff to continue fulfilling their responsibilities even though they may not be in work? What will this say about you as an employer if the way in which you act in adverse weather gets into the public domain?
  5. Consider alternatives, taking holiday instead, working from home, working different hours, make up the hours over the forthcoming weeks are all suitable alternatives to people losing money which they may not be able to afford
  6. Always think through closing your establishment. Closing the workplace where people are willing to come to work will mean that you will need to pay them for the time during which the workplace is closed.
  7. Recognise the effort people put in to attend work. How can you make this time enjoyable?
  8. Consider Health and Safety requirements and your duty of care and welfare to those employed . You need to ensure that workplace is safe as far is reasonably practical so consider those working outside or near the cold – if the conditions get worse you may need to consider how your staff will get home

Please do not hesitate to call one of our HR Consultants on 07989 343361 or email us on and we will be happy to talk through with you any of the above areas. Keep warm!

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