Weather Warning!

We have some severe weather warnings forecast for this week across different parts of the country and it is always best to be prepared. But there are some things that as a business we should have in place already:


  1. Ensure you have an adverse weather policy in place. Implementing a policy gives you an opportunity to show how you will be dealing with major disruptions, in advance of them actually happening, giving you the time to think about how to act when things take a turn for the worse outside. Employees also understand their responsibilities and what they are required to do when the weather is affecting work and can even start to think of alternative ways into work.
  2. It is worth checking that your employment contracts compliment and add value to this policy. The last thing you want is to contradict making it difficult to take decisive actions.
  3. Consider how you will deal with absences caused by weather disruption, to pay or not must also be defined in your policy. Remember you are not obliged to pay for this, it can be classed as unpaid leave.
  4. When considering payments, think how this will reflect upon your culture and attitude towards staff and is this the best approach to take? You may already have practices in place which make it possible for staff to continue fulfilling their responsibilities even though they may not be in work. Think whether any disgruntled employees will get your reaction into the public domain
  5. Consider alternatives which may be available for your staff with their working arrangements; taking holiday instead, working from home, working different hours, making up the hours over the forthcoming weeks are all suitable alternatives to people losing money which they may not be able to afford
  6. Always think through closing your establishment. Closing the workplace where people are willing to come to work will mean that you will need to pay them for the time during which the workplace is closed.
  7. Recognise the effort people put in to attend work. How can you make this time enjoyable?
  8. Consider your Health and Safety obligations as well as your duty of care and welfare to those employed. The workplace needs to be safe as far as is reasonably practical so consider those working outside or near the cold – if the conditions get worse you may need to consider how your staff will get home

Please do not hesitate to call one of our HR Consultants on 07989 343361 or email us on and we will be happy to talk through with you any of the above areas. Most of all keep warm and enjoy it when you can!

The Royal Wedding – from a HR Perspective

beautiful wedding decoration for Silk tent for the wedding ceremony for the newlywedsSo we are fast approaching the wedding of the year – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tying the knot this weekend but how will this affect your business? What are the things you need to think about?

A Public holiday has not been granted

Their engagement was announced some time ago and speculation started almost immediately whether we would be given an extra day off as a public holiday as we did when Prince William and Kate Middleton (as was then) also married. However, the Prime Minister Theresa May quickly put a stop to this, commenting that the young royals getting hitched should be enough in itself to ‘cheer people up’.

Whether connected to this or not, the happy couple have decided to marry on a Saturday, which is a move that breaks royal tradition.  This gives a larger proportion of the population the opportunity to enjoy the day with most enjoying a Monday to Friday working week.

Do I have to give time off? 

In the eyes of the law, Saturday 19th May will see business as usual for employers throughout the UK.  You are under no obligation to offer time off, or relax any contractual terms.  Any time off for this day, if it is a normal working day, should be dealt with in the normal way as detailed in your annual leave procedure.

It might be wise though to consider how to accommodate the interest the day will have in those who are unfortunate to have to work.

Some businesses have reported that more than half (51.7%) of employers say their organisation’s approach to major sporting and special events like the Royal Wedding has a positive or very positive impact on employee engagement so we should use this as an opportunity. as with other special events that take place during working hours to think of ways to accommodate and have facilities or arrangements include:

  • a TV in a communal area or staff room;
  • allowing employees to follow events online on work devices; and
  • permitting the use of radios.

It might not be possible but you may be able to consider making special working time arrangements. The most popular options are:

  • flexible start and end times;
  • considering late requests for annual leave;
  • allowing employees to make up any working time taken to view events; and
  • allowing differently timed lunch breaks.

All of the above can go a long way when it comes to boosting morale and protecting your employer brand.


Hopefully this won’t be the case, but if you do have any issues which occur on the weekend, these should be handled in line with your current people policies. Be prepared though – consider the possibility of a member of staff celebrating a little too hard and failing to turn up for duty the next day?  Or, what if they do come into work, but are clearly still inebriated from the night before?

Remember though, you should be doing nothing differently.  Follow your normal people policies which are well know to your employees so that you remain fair and consistent in your approach.

After our, what seems an eternity of a winter, this may be what we all need but if you do have any problems over the weekend please contact one of our HR Consultants to talk things through, we will be happy to advice, we can be contacted on 07989 343361 or emailed on